The Race (The Man vs The Environment) Man and his Environment

We entered into a race with the environment a long long time age. We have been competing with the environment since the beginning of the timeline. They tell since the man invented the fire.

What exactly is this a Race?

It is told that the day man started to change the way or nature of the environment this conflict began. Hence as the history speaks it was the day the mankind found the fire and gradually started change every possible elements they could find.

Environment is the way it is hence a it becomes obstacle, barrier to us when we are going forward. We the mankind has been struggling either to solve or overcome these obstacles in order to survive or restore order to the world. Because the human has always been trying to change the himself the Man and his Environment

How did we do it?

Environment is obviously the massive force against us we still can’t control many elements about it. But over the years through out the history we have managed to do some extraordinary works and in the meantime it has costed us a lot.

The planet Earth has been existing for almost 4.5 Billion years (4.543 to be exact). And the ManKind has been living for almost 200,000 years. (Its been almost 400,000 since the evolution began. But The mother of all modern-day humans [Homo Sapiens,Sapiens]– the Mitochondrial Eve – was living in somewhere around 140,000-200,000 years ago)

Wait!! What???

Hell yeah!! Let me put it in this way. If we convert Earth’s Life span into 24 hours, that’s one full day we the mankind has been living here for………. Drop the mic please.
3 SECONDS (Three).

3 SECONDS? Yeah. Thats it. Then look what we have done in three seconds. We called ourselves “The Wise Kind”!! . Look what kinda damage we have caused to the nature.

Well !!this has been really a huge argument for a long long time. So lets look little deep into this.

Yes we have split the Atom, yes we have developed extraordinary machine for navigate and search for new homes, we have developed devices that we can connect the other corner of the world within seconds.


The same atom has led to develop nuclear weapons that could wipe out half of the world within count of the seconds. The same machine could fly faster than the speed of sound and attack the other corner of the world. Is that really the wisdom ?

We suffer more Tsunamis than ever before, we suffer more Storms than ever before, we suffer more Flood than ever before, we suffer more Wildfires than ever before, we suffer more Droughts and Famines than ever before we suffer more Volcano Eruption than ever before!!!

But why?
Because we pollute the environment than ever before, we cut down the trees than ever before, we do massive construct than ever before, we dig up the earth than ever before, we establish more nuclear power plants than ever before, we do more chemical engineering experiments than ever before, we have increased the extinction of animal 1000 times than the normal rate ever before!! Within just 3 seconds!

Yeah I know you may have heard this like thousands of times. But how many times have you heard what good we caused to the world. Why no one speaks about that.

The last 100 years is the Golden Era in the history of the Mankind. You would say No Way!! Even after two world wars ??..But Yes Way!!

In last 100 years we have abled to increase the life expectancy rate at birth by almost double. According to WHO(World Health Organization) In 19th Century the life expectancy was around 40 years for a average human being around the world. But since the beginning of the 19th century life expectancy rate has been gradually increasing. Now the average life expectancy rate according to WHO is 69-72 for male and 70-77 for female around the world. In last 100 years the life expectancy ratio rose up to more than 60 in the Central Africa for the first time in the history. And No one talks about that.

For future reference

But How?
Here is how. These are few of the greatest medical inventions in last 200 years that change the whole world into a new path.

1. Stethoscope
2. Cardiac Pacemaker
3. CT Scanner and MRI
4. Prosthetics and Implants
5. Cardiac Defibrillator
6. The Electroencephalogram
7. The Iron Lung
8. Magnetic Resonance
9. The Heart-Lung Bypass Machine
10. Fetal Ultrasound
11. The Insulin Pump
12. Robots & Lasers

The list could go on. But some might say those are just materialistic things. How did those help us. Let me elaborate. In the last 100-200 years we have invented

1. Diagnosis (In early 18th to 19 th century there was no proper diagnosis. They just used to treat with whatever they got. Sometimes it may cure them. Sometimes may not and die due to wrong treatment)

2. Blood Transfusion ( Before 17th century it was just a myth, no one believed Blood Transfusion can be performed)

3. Antibiotics (Penicillin) by Sir Alexander Fleming, which we still use for most of our drugs such as Amoxicillin, Penicillin, Vaccine,Antiseptic, Doxycycline, Analgesic, etc

4. Organ Transplant
5. First Successful Implantation of an Artificial Heart
6. Tissue culture
7. DNA
8. Immunology
9. Oral rehydration therapy

You can find many more from the below links

Because of those great invention we have been able to save millions of lives who was not supposed live longer. Not even human. Even for animals. We do have great veteran facilities nowadays in order to help those poor souls. But No One Talks About That.

So is that it? No. There are many more

Even the proper under garments were invented in last 200 years. (Recently 600-year-old garment [A Bra] was found in Austria surprise fashion experts, who thought bras were a modern invention). But Decent and Proper under garments were developed in late 18th century.

And almost every equipment and gadget we use to entertain and enjoy ourselves, we invented in last 100 years. So everyone who only speaks so highly about the damages we have caused to the environment ready give up and get rid off those?

The same technology was helped to save bunch of students who was stucked in a cave in Thailand on 2018. There are millions of examples we can talk about. But No One Talks About That.

And even all of these within just 3 SECONDS!!

But what about the damage we caused?
Yeah I started this by telling you that we ,the mankind have been competing with the environment since the beginning. Along the way over the many years we have been learning, adopting and evolving. Yeah True! We have sacrificed many things. Many greater things came at a greater cost. But thats how it is. Because “No Pain, No Gain”.

So what really is the wisdom that man kind is looking for? Are we really wise? No! Not yet. We are Smart. But not wise. Wisdom is something different. Wisdom is not going against or surpassing the environment. Wisdom is going along with the environment, going parallel with the environment.

But sometimes we may surpass the environment. Over the last 50-60 years we have surpassed the environment. Thats why in last 100 years the world population increased by almost double.

Glance of the world population over the years


1900 – 1.6 Billion
1950 – 2.5 Billion
1970 – 3.7 Billion
1990 – 5.3 Billion
2010 – 6.9 Billion
2020 – 7.7 Billion

Reference :

And it is told by many scientists 8 Billion is too much to be lived on the Planet Earth. The resources are not enough. That’s why many nations are looking for new planet to convert their home into.

But i told you this is a race. No one can lead the front forever. So by time to time nature wipe off some of us in order make the proper balance with as such famine, diseases, plagues, or a natural disasters
May be what’s going on with COVID-19 is something like that. Nature may trying to make the balance.

And im telling you we have done many damage to the environment. I agree with that part. We can’t control every elements of the environment. But what we can do is find out ways that both of us exist longer as possible with a minimum damage. There is no going back or back down from the race once we started it. We can ask no one to slow down. We entered ourselves and now we need to compete. We can’t show our weaknesses and quit the race. We need to compete parallel as long as possible.

My point is we have come a long way from “How to make a fire” to “How to change the security settings in my facebook account “.

We have evolved to a greater deal that no one can think if we go back 300 years back in the time. So we have given a some of our level “A” game to the nature. But we need to keep on going and co-existence with the nature/environment.

We can’t accept the defeat.

And mark my words , the day we show our weaknesses, the day we accept the defeat against the environment, that’s the end of the ManKind.

Hence lets run with everything we got as long as possible for the survival of both the Great Men and the Environment

Sources: WHO, Worldometers, The Guardians, Our World In Data.

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