Why’s This Fear

There was a time when i was in India that i enjoyed the absolute freedom for sometime in my life.

Just after I graduated I spent little more time over there to do arrangement of some sort

I used to wake up whenever I want, then il have a nice cup of tea from my favourite Tea Spot and that would fill up my breakfast

Then after around one and half hour il place an order for my all time favorite, a delicious beef biriyani ,one of the best meals I’ve ever had which I could eat over & over.

Right after that I will hit the gym, working out for around two and half hours by my own then have a shower with very cold water which sometimes I could feel my nerves.

Then il go have a nice delicious cup of tea from the same place, come back, power up the laptop and watching whatever left in my tv series collection till I feel hungry. Right after my dinner again il run into my favourite Tea Spot and since im a regular customer my tea always will be ready as im walking into.

Then at the midnight il light up a cigerate with my favorite track playing in headphone “Now we are free – Violin cover by Taylor Davis” while looking at the sky by sitting on the rooftop thinking absolute nothing but bullshit.

The funny part is even now I woke up whenever I want since im currently unemployed and I may skip the breakfast but I don’t have my most favourite tea il have to hold up my mama’s tea which is quite good but while sipping it I feel the fear what’s gonna happen if things with the virus goes south. As im pretty sure if that comes to the worst no one can handle it. Thousands and millions of will be died. All their dreams will be faded away. Nations will be collapsed. Some will have to face famines. People will start to fight and kill over a drop of water, a bite of food. What is gonna happen if we can’t control this. We call ourselves a “adoptable kind”. But the question is how the hell we gonna adopt.

I feel this fear. I don’t know why. I qusestion my self “Why’s This Fear”

And now I can’t even go out. And I really miss those days and my cigar.

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  1. dharunyanxdx says:

    Keep Writing , Genuinely great post

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