Play it Safe.

Talking about protecting your sexual health is an important role which plays a vital role of every individual’s life. But do we really concern about so?
What is the number of Single mothers in the world who may probably have a father but can’t reveal or that person doesn’t even give a damn about it? How many even know what is the number of the pregnant girls who may or may not have someone to call upon as a the farther for their kids

Being pregnancy and giving a birth to a child is a noble task there is no argument about that. But there is a appropriate time in our lives. If its too late to have child is not so bad still manageable, but if it is too early to have a child means both the lives of the mother and child will be a living hell in the most of the time.

The reason to write this blog is that i came across with a news last evening. A girl who barely turn into 18 is pregnant. No one was revealed untill the 12th hour about it cause that girl was afraid about the problems that she has to face in near future. Yeah.. Its obvious. There is a problem. The most suitable answer for that will be an abortion. But we need to treat for the seed which has grown up in a vast area.

There is nothing wrong in having sex, not at all. First thing is that its essential for the survival of the mankind. And the second thing that its something all of us would like to enjoy so often. The problem is most of us don’t have a much knowledge about the “safe sex, protected sex” . I would rather say we really don’t care or don’t concern about that. Again i blame for the society we grew up. We weren’t taught about safe sex. That was something our parents and elders didn’t even talk in front of us. That was the problem. We have been adative to follow that culture blindly. Specially in South Asian region. If that girl and the boy were given the proper education and if the proper environment has been created around them she would not have faced this situation nor her parents. The important thing to be understood is we need get rid off the attitude of “having sex is bad”. Noo, but unprotected sex could go wrong & result would become bad.

Its something you should talk with your partner, something you should discuss before your feelings gonna go high. There are many ways to have safe sex such as condoms, phill, iud etc.
If you’re not sure what to say, practice beforehand. Then, choose a good time to talk (not in the heat of the moment). If your partner refuses to use protection, then they aren’t showing respect for you or your health. So you have to decide Whether you gonna continue with him/her or not.

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  1. Madhavi Silva says:

    Simply written & topic for the youth 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. malindakavih says:

    Thnx for the follow up


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