Repeating the history

Some says history is history & nothing will be come again in the future which relates to history. Do you really think so? I don’t. I highly believe in repeating of the history. What ever happened in the past will be happened in the future in one way or another.

What does this really mean? Let me get this straight.Enemies in the past will never become friends, they might pretend as friends but they will remain as enemies untill the end, same happens with friends, whatever happened in the past will not be with them forever the bond they share will insist them to become friends again.

I’ll clarify this more. The problem the world faces currently seems to be new? It may and may be not.Most of the times we are dealing with the same problems for decades, centuries.Have you even seen end of a war? Yh you might have, but do you believe that was the end? No, those parties will raise their power against one another at the most unexpected time

Yh sometimes world may face a problem that we haven’t come a cross so far. And we may find a solution, but again it will be pop up in the future

Even the fashion trends currently followed by us had been adopted by our ancestors but with or without our knowing we continue do so as new trend.

Everyday is a blessing beacause fate decides to repeat the history in our momentous occasion.
When it does, everything seems more clear, many reasons to look after yourself with many tangent about

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