My strange love for this beautiful country IV (Vegans)

Since my childhood I used to be a omnivorous. It became a routine taste check as my food plate is always filled with chicken, mutton, and dry fish.etc Then ill be able manage my starving. Though I used to eat few kind of vegetables but after i tasted Indian platters i sensed the most delicious veg meals that i have ever had. Again i have to give all the credit to Indian’s cooking skills. They have mastered the art of culinary.

Indian cuisine is filled to the brim by vegetarians due to the many varied and tasty options available. They don’t just cook it they do experiments with it & come up with something even better every day. Indian vegetarian recipes is not only a favorite among Indians, but also among many international culinary audiences.

These are the few most famous Indian Veg cusine
– Malai Kofta (Veggie Balls in a Thick Sauce)
– Palak Paneer (Spinach and Cottage Cheese)
– Rajma Dal Recipe: A Red Kidney Bean Curry
– Mutter Paneer – Peas and Cottage Cheese Curry
– Indian Black Lentils (Kaali Daal) Recipe
– Punjabi-Style Chole Chickpea Curry Recipe
– Indiam potato chickpea stew

– one of the best veg meals i have ever had-

Once my roommate told “i don’t know why people prefer non veg meals, veg meals do a great job”

With the evolving Vegans Movement around the world. Indian Cusine is getting the fame around the world. Many Veg Franchises are getting established. The local culinary skills have captured many hearts. And in the high note, many recipes have revolved around for generations and richness of these culinary will never fail to dissapoint.

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