In our life things and people are get replaced so quickly with a blink of an eye.

Important things will lead our shadow, based on the requirement, preference changes, taste changes, trend changes, passion changes.
But the way the people get replaced is so strange and unexpected, Once told”Will never forget ” will happen to be the first one to be replaced in our lives. “Need you” become the painful goodbye. Eventually end up loosing the same path and the time starts to vary without notice. It all end up in vain. The endless chats will become short “Hey, how are you” conversation. The long rides will become steps to redemption. The holding of hands will become shake of the hand and a smile with guilt. The talking, laughing at each other in face to face will become juts a glance from corner of an eye .With a walk of life, It will all end up as glimpse of gesture.

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  1. SM says:

    Hey… things definitely get better and someday out of the blue you’d find everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more in a person who feels like home and it won’t be just you falling in love… that person would fall for you too! ~ S

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    1. malindakavih says:

      Yeah except the unexpected


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