Draw your paint

We need to have our own paint for ourselves and we need to paint it by ourselves.
And we can’t expect someone else to paint it on behalf of us because our preferences on sketches, colours, shapes and the curves must be considered.

Life isn’t predictable and the solutions we seek to also. However the sketch turn up to be, we are responsible for our thoughts and beliefs and choices. Your most natural state of being is where you’re going to feel the most inflow and this is where you’ll end up getting a good sketch to paint to

And you are the one who know about the method you are gonna draw the paint, whether to use a pen or a pencil, if you use the pencil you can erase it redraw your paint, you can change the sketches, shapes & curves, but if you decided to go with the pen you will have to stick with it without changing that or else you have draw a new paint from the beginning.

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