The Little Master vs the Run Machine

If you are a die hard cricket fan then you must know whom im gonna talk about. Yeah they both are two outstanding players in the history of the cricket. But recently something came across my mind in order to write about this two towers of Cricket.

Little Master, the god of cricket yeah its non other than the Great Sachin Tendulkar who has achieved many milestones which can’t be achieved easily. The talent he has got, the technique he has got and his humbleness made him self as the god of cricket. And he played majority of his career a time when cricket was fullfilled with few other big shots. Ill put it in this way since he was a great batsman, he played against the bowlers who were so dangerous at that time like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Muttiah Muralitharan, Brett Lee, Glenn Macgrath, Curtly Ambrose etc hence many are telling that he is far from the Run Machine, yeah Virat Kohli the most consistent batsman of all time, his sharp talent & technique, his aggressiveness, his desire to win, his attitude not to give up making him self as the most outstanding batsman of all time. But as a huge cricket fan & good observer of cricket what i feel is we can’t campare those two players in terms of some quantative factors.

They both played at a two different time where the cricket was so different in those particular time lines. But i do agree nowadays cricket has been changed drastically, most of the rules & regulations has been established for the favoration of the batsman, the grounds and pitch is being prepared where the batsman have an advantage out of it and when it compares rest of the players who played these two different time where Kohli is not facing to the bowlers which becomes the nightmare of the batsman.

But we have to agree both of these legends got pure talent and skill without a doubt. Kohli may not par Tendulkar, he may or may not break Tendulkar’s all records. But he will create new other records where his legacy will live, he will create his own intrest strory. The fact what we must see is they both are extremely talented & outstanding players but they played in two different best eras of the Cricket.
Not being favorable for anyone..

Idea courtesy : Vasika Perera

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