My strange love for this beautiful country II

It took so long to come with the part two
Things have been drastically changed, i have observed more about this beautiful city & this remarkable country.
Today ill be talking about the numerous food which will pinch every taste buds and the explosion it creates everytime you crunch it. The diverse culture of indian cusine is infinite.

You can find each and every food which is available in all over the word in India right from the “Parota, Pani puri, Puri, Vada pav etc to the most luxurious food like Japanese Matsutake Mushroom , Kobe beef, Macallan 55-year-old Single Malt Whisky, Black Densuke Watermelons etc. And yeah for reasonable price. You must really try those. And Indians are really talented in doing so many experiments with foods, mixing with one another & coming up with something new where you have a delicious taste of it. You may believe it or not, I found one restuarnt in Bangalore where you can find 27 varieties of each and every food available there.. As a example if you need to have chicken, they have prepared chicken in 27 styles. This is a very good example of the cooking skills of the Indians. And also has to be talked about the veg foods. Earlier i used to hate to have veg food but after trying here i understood i have not even come close to experimenting the proper veg meals.

So this will be introduction to the next part where il be talking more delicious foods in India.

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