Break the stereotype! 

How can you define the love? There are thousands of definitions which were explained by philosophears, authors , poets & many people. But basically love according to me is pure relationship between two people (im talking about perspective of two people) towards to each other.

Is there any rules, regulations ,limitations or barriers involved with that definition? No it is not. Then why have we implemented so much of borders by ourselves? Now, let me come to the point. There are many religions around the world which have been practiced by ourselves for thousands of years. But unfortunately still we have not come up with actual truth which is common to every religion.

Basically as for the best of my knowledge no religious leader had inspired us to hate anyone, at end of each instructions stated “not to hate anyone, being loved with everyone “. Hence when it comes to a relationship between two people, generally im talking about a ” love affair, love relationship ” between a boy and a girl, they have been restricted in many ways by the society. How can we do so? That is their freedom. But it doesn’t mean to say they are allowed to do uncritical or impolite things. I mean they have their own freedom to express their feelings without interruption of a religion, a person or any other thing.

Mostly in European & American countries have already understood the life more than Eastern countries. Normally in Sri Lanka when a Sinhala boy & Tamil girl, Muslim girl & Sinhala boy, Muslim boy & Catholics girl…etc.. being in a relationship, the society is looking at them in a way like they are the most wanted criminals in the last decade. Why? I mean how? What is our right to do so? . I agree whatever the religion we are practicing, it shows us the path to make our life good & make it success. But i don’t believe none of the religious leaders have influenced us to have barriers when we are involving in something pure, when our intentions is clear. Every religious leaders taught us that “not do bad things, but good things”. Why can’t we understand this simple teaching? Being in a love with a good person is not a bad thing. But we have complicated our lives because many of us are blind followers. Religious principles get propagate with the passage of time and the evolution of practices had led to a corrupted followers who follow mainstream organised relegion & The evolution of religions have failed us.

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  1. Anne says:

    This is really good and its the utmost truth. I hope to see more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. malindakavih says:

      Thank you very much for your comment!


  2. Vassa says:

    Love should be the ultimate outcome of all religions and sharing it would make this world more beautiful…it was well written and most interesting.,,really look forward to more…thanks for sharing those lovely thoughts with us Malinda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. malindakavih says:

      Yes it is, thank you very much for your compliment! Vasika


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