The Blackmark

What has happened to our most honorable & noble game since we gained the test mandate in 1982. We have never been behaved like this since the beginning of our Cricket history. We are a country who changed the game, who created the new eras of the games, who made the record even no one could imagine.  Yes, it is true we have been in a critical situation but this is not the first time, we had gone through many tough & critical situations like this, moreover we are not the first team who have to face this.  What we need to do is keep supporting our team & keep our faith on them.  The thing what happened back there in the last match was (3rd ODI between SL & IND) very shameful. Just imagine how will they represent our country when the spectators act like this. Just think how they were embarrassed at that moment? If this continues our mighty reputation might get shattered. We are not the same spectators as others, we are unique.  The thing what is going wrong on there is not with the players, partly yes but not completely with them. I agree Cricket is their profession, which means to say they can not make mistake because that is their duty ,but after all we all are humans. We were born to make mistakes & correct it, that’s how we can move forward. Not being offensive to anyone. Think for a while.

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